Why does “IamGlytja” exist? There’s a long answer and a short answer. We will give you the medium answer.

“The Mom” on our Facebook and Instagram page, is also known as Robin. As a young girl, Robin grew up with horses. It was her dad, Sam, that encouraged her to be fearless and endurance ride and show horses when she was only 7 years old. Sam and Robin would ride together for hours. Those were really, really special times. The kind of moments you never forget.

When Robin grew up, she married Wil. He, too, learned to love riding horses. So, Robin and Wil added Glytja to their family. And then Soti. And then Stjarna.

Everything was good until the morning of August 6, 2018 when Robin learned that Sam had taken his own life. There were no signs that Sam was depressed or feeling alone. He had a big family and grand kids that loved him. It began the unending “why” questions and heartbreak.

Upon the 1 year anniversary of Sam’s death, Glytja and Robin created a way to help others who were secretly suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety or any other sadness. We launched a Facebook and Instagram page called IamGlytja. It’s in honor of Sam, who loved Dr Suess “Sam I am”. The goal is to give you a smile or a laugh. Especially if you’re having a tough day. Or the bad news on your screen is overwhelming. We want to spread love and kindness and make you feel included in our herd so you don’t feel alone. Because we are all in this together.

Check us out on NBC News 15, People Magazine and Madison Magazine!

Glytja and Robin

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