I’m the Trouble Maker. Whatever! I’m always coming up with new ideas and entertainment. I like to boss around the boys. I would rather run than walk. People like my hair.

In Iceland, my name means “North Star”, so The Mom likes to decorate me with stars. I tolerate it for about 3 minutes.

Because I’m the baby in the family, I’m constantly trying to show Glytja that I can do big girl stuff too. So sometimes I try to race her, but then she disciplines me. I really look up to her. I love my brothers, too. I wanted a family for 9 years, but no one wanted me until The Parents picked me out of the herd.

My specialty is sticking out my tongue in almost every family photo. Seriously, almost every photo!

I also love to photo bomb. Told you I always have ideas!

Good thing I’m cute.

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