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These are some of the nice things people are saying about us!

“Hi. I just want to say a quiet thank you. I live in Australia, I live a very fortunate life but I also live that life with depression, anxiety and ADHD. There are so many coping strategies that don’t work, but your stories always make me breathe and smile. Thank you for sharing the beautiful way you do. It makes other people’s lives beautiful. Xo.”

“I am very proud to be a part of this herd…and the loving mom & dad… I really don’t feel alone in this scary world after reading your posts.”

“I have been down a few times and opened FB and your page gave me laughter and smiles. We have too much bad in the world and it only takes a little joy to make a difference. Thank you for that.”

“As I wipe my tears away, I am grateful for you all. There are many days I’m so sad I miss my husband and my horse Cutie who have both been gone for 12 years. I lost them a year and a half apart… but I can relive my good memories because of you sharing your lives with us. Thank you so much and the biggest hugs and keeshies I can send.”

“Keep posting…and know that you are making thousands of people happy.”

“This made me cry and smile at the same time. Yes, you do make me smile during the darkest time of my life… I am so happy that I found Glytja! Thank you for what you do spreading love and keeshies to those who need it!”

“Glytja, I wish I had the words to tell you and your beautiful family how much all of your pictures and videos help me every day. They give me something to smile about and I need that these days. My only personal experience with a horse was when I was younger and was bucked off at my first attempt at riding but I’ve admired horses from afar since then and you are all absolutely stunning and magnificent. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us!”

“Just what I needed to read after my day at work. I try to be nice and helpful but it isn’t appreciated. I’m going to re-read this often and try to emulate your style. Thank you, keeshies to you all.”

“Thank you for sharing glimpses of your lives with us! And thank the mom and the dad! You may never fully know how much joy and love you and your family bring to so many people.”

“I am honored to be part of your herd! I just love all your escapades!!! I literally laugh out loud at your posts! I also love that the Mom teaches us so much about you all…who knew learning could be so much fun! I wish NY was closer so I could see you in person!”

“I so appreciate you guys. Yesterday and today my youngest daughter, who loves horses and would love you, is having international travel hell and I refresh your page for uplifting news. And then I go hug Gussy-south (also known as Westley the TW).”

“Thank you for the laughs, smiles and entertainment.”

“I guess you could call me a follower. I look forward to your posts. I love it. Those horses are so adorable b and happy treated like children. The way it should be. They have the best life possible. I’m always happy to hear from them and see the things they do. They have so much character. 💕💕💕

“Thank you for the smiles, laughs and bright light in these crazy times.”

“I love reading about the antics you all get into. You all make the days a little better ! ❤️❤️🇨🇦

“Thank you for sharing your lives with us!!! I love you all so much!!! Keeshies to all!! ❤️😘💋

“You and your family brighten our days because you are loving and kind , no drama or asking for money and it’s always a pleasure to follow the individual stories”

“I am so glad that I am a part of your herd too. Keeshies to all of you 💙🧡💚🤍❤️💜

“Thank you beautiful Glytja! Love being a part of your family!!”

“I look forward to your posts every day”

“You have no idea , how happy and safe , from a nasty day we feel here xo. Thank you herd, mom and dad , for your support and encouragement with a side of love and laughter ❤🥰🙏

❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love, love, love you all! You brighten up my days so much! Thank you for letting me be part of your herd, & it’s on my bucket list to visit y’all one of these days!!”

“Every post you make brightens my day. My horse went over the rainbow bridge several years ago. Seeing you and your herd puts a smile on my face and when the mom is videoing her ride I feel like I am on my horse riding. Thank you for all the happy posts. Many Keeshies to you all.”

“I look forward to your page everyday. What you do is an inspiration. Thank you for bringing light to a dark world.”

“I love y’all ❗ had horses all my life now I’m 71 and don’t have any so I love your site ❗💯 I too had a boss mare 💯

“Checking in on you all is what I look forward to while at work all day. Your stories, pictures & videos always make my heart smile 😊 thank you to mom & dad and keeshies to you all 😘

“You guys are one of the best things in my life, 💖my old mare passed away last, we are beyond heartbroken 💔 grateful for you”

“Love to start the day reading about Glytja and her buddies…makes my day! Love you all!”

“Thank you for opening up your heart to us and sharing your beautiful herd. Have a very blessed day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“I absolutely luv ur herd!! U always give me smiles and giggles!!❤💋💋💋💋💋💋

“Your page and PRECIOUS BABIES make my day 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴💞💞💞💞🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍 ESPECIALLY MY BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME GUSSY 😍😍😘😘😘😘💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

“Thank you for keeping us updated on all the happenings! Some days can be difficult and it helps so many of us to hear your stories.”

“I am so grateful for you guys. You always brighten my day and make me smile.”

“This herd is so beautiful and feels like My Family.”

“I had to give up my 2 donkeys because of health reasons. It has deviated me. I love you page and listening to the horses ‘chat’ brings a smile to my day”

“You are my peaceful and positive place. Love ya! “

“They put a big smile on my face everyday ☺️ there is so much love. Absolutely beautiful 😍

“Love to come to this site.. thank you so much for all that you do 💕”

“The minutes I have laughed and smiled are precious beyond words. Joy comes in a 6 pack of horses 😊💖💖💖💖💖💖🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 Plus the Mom and Dad crack me up all the time😊 I wish I was adoptable😊 but only by you all. 💖😊

“And I am so grateful for you! You live hundreds of miles away but my day is not complete until I see your smiling faces! Thank you!”

“I just wanted to tell you that all of you are beautiful..
I could never pick a favorite from your herd..
You bless us with your stories and funny and beautiful photos .
It makes good days great and the sad ones easier for me to handle ..
I will probably look at your pictures as my cancer journey begins to gain strength when I want to just give up .. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do .. Shows there still is beauty in the world if we just believe.
Hope Santa brings you all many blessings as well as some treats of apples and carrots .”

“We love you all, and thank you for the smiles and joy u all give us every day.”

“You bring so much joy and laughter. And for me a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you 💖

“Due to serious allergies, I cannot be anywhere near horses. Your wonderful page, the loving mom and dad and the herd FULL of personalities is one sure way I can enjoy the horseiness. I would love some real keeshies, but will settle for virtual, if they will all settle for virtual hugs!!! 💖

“You guys make my day every day, it’s so good to see happy healthy and fun horses, thanks for sharing your precious stories and fun days ♥️

“I love this page. Thanks for all the laughs, smiles & joy you have brought to us esp. during the Pandemic.”

“Thank you for all you have done to make people happy. Glytja you and mom and dad and Stjarna, Kommi, Hermie, Soti and Gus definitely make the world a happier place. 💝🙂💝

“Love all of you so very much”

“I love to hear all about you and your family! Always brings a smile to my face and heart ❤

“You definitely have made my days brighter and happier!”

“thank YOU for this fun, kind, interesting page!!”

“Thank you for always making my day. Love all of you”

“You lit my life back up🥰

“I look forward to your posts everyday. You are my favorite site. Sense of humor second to none.”

“Happy Anniversary to the best herd and parents. You have entertained and educated me and I love you all. Keeshies!”

“Family…that says it all. You are all my family, wonderful herd and great smiles. Life is good, it makes my heart sing.💖

“Best page ever, most adorable horses and the Mom and Dad adventures are epic.”

“we love you all. I smile and laugh at everything you say and how happy you are. HUGS and KEESHIES”

“Amazing beautiful sad things but more fun things. Congratulations your posts do make people happy. I love all of them. 💕💕

“Happy Anniversary 💞💞 i just love all the horses they make me smile laugh when i am having a bad day so thank you for all the cute and fun pics and videos”

“Thank you for amazing content!”

“I only found your page this year, and it quickly became my favorite! I have a horse who is a real character, but you guys make me laugh every day! The mom & dad are such good parents and lucky to have you all! 💕🐴😘❤️

“Your page brightens my day everyday! Thank you for sharing your lives and love with all of us. 💕

“Many thanks to you all for being there for us xo 🥰❤🌹 Often I’d come visit for those keeshies and boops to brighten my day 🌹❤🥰🎉

“All of you bring joy and laughs to your many, many fans!”

“Love you guys and thank you to make us laugh❤️. Happy Anniversary and many many more laughs 🥰👍👏🏻

“During hard times and sad times, these precious ponies and their mom and dad bring joy to my life”

“Such a loving service your page provides! 💖


“I am sooooo thankful that you decided to share your family, your laughs, etc!!!”

“I am so happy I found your story! I love and laugh with you, and send Keeshies to all of you.”

“I look for my IAm Glytja every day…gives me a get start to my day. I love horses…well, all animals…and love to conversations with the herd. You are all the best…love you!!!”

“So happy to see all your posts and videos. Thank you and keep going!”

“I found your page when Covid and isolating began. While I was an essential worker and didn’t need to isolate, you provided a happy distraction with all that was going on. THANK YOU 😊!!!”

“I look for your posts EVERY DAY!!! They ALWAYS make me smile & laugh!!! I love your herd, Glytja … and ESPECIALLY your mom & dad for sharing with us & loving you all like they do!!!!🥰

“I love you and your stories and antics. You always brighten my day”

“I have to see your posts everyday or I’m sad. ☹️ Good thing I see them. 😁❤️

“Thank you, glad I found you.”

“So happy I found your page, Glytja!❤️

“You and your herd are the sunshine in my day! So glad you started your awesome page. Please keep the smiles coming!! Love from Windsor Ontario💝💝💝

“Oh, Glytja! You all have filled my heart with happiness during this prolonged, sad pandemic season. Some day I hope to travel to Cambridge, WI to meet you. It is just a short distance down the highway. 🐎❤️🐎

“I LOVE your page, Thanks to putting joy, smiles and laughs in our live. Keeshies and big hugs to all. You have wonderful parents 💞

“So glad I found the page! Your brothers’ and baby sister keep me in stitches!”

“I am so happy you and mom share all of you with me…I need the smiles.”

“Thank you so much , this is the first place I go everyday . Sometimes it makes my day other times it lifts my heartaches .”

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