I’m the Gentle Giant. I’m always ready for a hug. I have alot to say, but I need to trust you first. I want to feel safe and loved. I want everyone to love each other. I want to be your best friend.

I loved my previous family, but they had to move back to Iceland and I wasn’t allowed to go with them. Once a horse leaves Iceland, it can never return. But now I have a new family, and I’m so happy.

When I was younger, I was sold to someone who was very rough on me. It made me not want to trust people so I tried to run from him. Then he told everyone that I don’t like people. My heart was broken.

I returned to my original farm and was allowed to run free until I felt better.

Now I have a new family that understands me. The Dad knows I love trail rides and nature. And he’s very gentle with me. I’m living my best life.

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