What is a Boss Mare?

I’m a Boss Mare. What does that mean? I’m responsible for keeping the herd safe. That means it’s up to me to find food and water for the herd. I don’t have to look too hard around here because the parents take care of that stuff, but Boss Mares in wild horse herds have this responsibility. I tell the herd when there is danger. I give the herd advice and keep everyone calm and in their proper place. The herd looks to me for leadership and advice. They know I am wise and I have everyone’s best interest at heart. Here are some pieces of advice I give to my herd:

1- A trusted friend will overflow your heart with love and happiness.

2- It’s ok to be afraid of something new or unfamiliar and it takes courage to move forward and work through it. Trust that everything will be ok.

3- It’s ok if something bad or challenging happens to you. And it’s ok to mourn, but eventually you gotta move forward. Things will get better around the next corner.

4- Live in the present and do your very best to have fun and laugh.

5- It’s good to be the leader, but always take care of your herd. It’s more fun to canter up a hill and run the race with your friends.

6- If you get a chance to run, then RUN! Open your lungs, go for the challenge, and give it everything you got! Your heart will pound and you will feel alive!

7- Always have a great time and take in the scenery. Don’t worry about the other stuff on your mind.

8- Eat your treats first at mealtime.

9- You don’t need as much stuff as you think you need. I’m an 800lb (ok, 850lb) horse that thrives on hay, so maybe re-evaulate the priorities.

10- Having “stuff” really doesn’t matter. I would rather have a thrilling adventure cantering through the forest with my mom than a new “something”.

11- Don’t judge a horse by their pretty mane and tail. Beauty pales in comparison to their depth, heart and personality.

12- When another horse acts crazy, you don’t have to follow them. Be confident and Just do your own thing.

13- You may not like who’s next to you in the trailer, but they aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well work through it and appreciate what they can teach you.

14-It’s ok to stand your ground with others, but remember, everyone has something to offer so be sure to listen.

15- Getting back to your childhood roots and the basics can be a life changer.

16- Adventures are even better when shared with those you love!

17- Beauty grabs attention, personality steals hearts. Fortunately, I have both. 

18- You are amazing and you do amazing things everyday.

19- There is no wrong way to be yourself. Just look at Stjarna.

20- You are special to someone! You are special to me.

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