The Boss Mare. I watch everyone and everything. My job is to protect my herd and I take my job very seriously. I always know what’s best. The herd trusts my opinions. I’m the heart of the farm.

The Mom likes to dress me up for holidays. I kinda like it, too. And it makes people smile. I really love being brushed, especially when you brush all my pits. Hee, hee. I do NOT like baths!

Don’t be fooled by my pretty flaxen mane. I’m a powerful mare with a big heart. In Iceland, the strongest mare is responsible for the herd and I take my job seriously.

My favorite season is winter. Icelandic horses are made for really cold weather. So bring on the snow!

I can read people really well. If someone approaches me, I can tell if they are angry, sad, or happy. If they are sad, then I will try my best to cheer them up.

I’m also an athlete. I know how to do crunches, squats, and rear-o-etts. I love playing kickball.

I’m almost always smiling because I’m happy, but you will know when I’m unhappy. I know how to communicate my feelings and express myself.

I like to take walks with The Mom and listen to all her stories.

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