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I am Glytja.   I was born in Wisconsin. My horse parents are from Iceland. I’m The Boss Mare. I’m in charge of my herd and it’s my responsibility to keep everyone safe. If anyone gets out of line on my farm, I will correct them. Some people call me “bossy”, but I call it responsible. I’m the Girl Scout in our herd always looking for potential danger. If I see anything weird, then I call for my brother Soti. I was the first horse in our family. I’m really smart and a natural leader, so I make the rules for the other horses to follow. More about me here.

I’m Soti. Sometimes people call me “Soti Pop” because I look like a root beer float. I was born in Iowa, and both of my horse parents were born in Iceland and then imported to the US. I like everyone, especially Glytja. I would do anything for my sisters, except share my grain. When a strange animal approaches one of my sisters, I will get in the middle and protect them. I’m also the “buffer” on trail rides. I’m not really scared of anything. I even get along with bison. I love campfires and pancakes. Oh, and watermelon. I love making new friends. If another horse is scared of something, I can usually calm him/her down. The Mom says I’m the big teddy bear. I have lived at alot of farms and one of my previous parents even gave up on me, but I have a family now and I’m not going anywhere. More about me here.

I’m Polstjarna (“Stjarna”). I was born in Indiana, both of my parents were imported from Iceland. I’m the spicy one in the family. I have alot of ideas, but the herd says some of my ideas are not “good” ideas. I’m also the baby in the family, so I love it when Glytja invites me on “big kid” rides. I’m also very crafty. I know how to unlock doors and let everyone out. I also like to pop the lid off The Dad’s coffee cup and stick my tongue in his coffee. One time I even locked Soti in a stall! More about me here.

I’m Kommi. I’m from Iceland, but I’ve been living in California since I was 6 years old. I’m now 22 years old. Moving to Wisconsin in February 2019 was a HUGE adjustment for me. I don’t like bugs. Or humidity. I do like Stjarna, so I hang out with her. I helped co-found “Intrinzen”, which has helped horses all over the world find their natural movement. I love to dance, play kickball and panther walk. My original family moved back to Iceland and I couldn’t go with them. Once a horse leaves Iceland, it can never go back. But I’m really happy with my new family. They give me lots of snuggles and that makes my fears go away. More about me here.

I’m Hrimnir (“Hermie”). I’m really shy. I love to give hugs, but you have to approach me because I’m too bashful to approach you. I want everyone to get along and love each other. I love trail rides. I love nature. And carrots. I used to be a show horse, but now I’m a family horse. I’m so happy to leave showing and just enjoy running free and my trail rides. Glytja even lets me lead the trail rides, which is a big deal because she doesn’t trust just anyone. I’m originally from Iceland, but I’ve been in the US since I was 7 years old. I’m now 24 years old. More about me here.

I’m Goslari. I’m the newest member of the herd. I was born in Iceland and then I lived in Minnesota and Kentucy for a few years. I love to tell stories about Iceland. And I recently learned that I love to play. So now I play all of the time. Except when I’m on trail rides looking for trolls. Everyone says I have a lot of hair, but in Iceland, most horses have a lot of hair. Everyone likes my eyeballs and freckles. More about me here.

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