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We have so many stories to tell, and we tell them all. Maybe too many stories. I’m looking at you STJARNA! Here are a few of our faves:

Me: “Gussy, I can’t believe I’m asking you this… but tell us about where you are from?”

Gus: “I would love to tell you about my farm in Iceland…”

Stjarna: “Don’t exaggerate! I’ve been to Iceland, so I’m going to fact check you!”

Me: “Stjarna! You’ve never been to Iceland!”

Stjarna: “A mare can dream. I like to dream about summering with all those fancy stallions on those luscious black sand beaches….”

Me: “Back to Gussy.”

Gus: “I was born at the Gafarkoti farm in Iceland. It’s pretty famous.”

Stjarna: “Why?”

Gus: “Well, first of all… it’s mare owned.”

Me: “Mare owned? Do you mean woman owned?”

Gus: “Yeah, same thing. Anyways, people come from all over to see Gafarkoti horses because we are known to have stellar gaits and dispositions.”

Stjarna: “What is disposition?”

Kommi: “It’s NOT your sparkling personality, Stjarna!”

Gus: “It’s having a good mind and character. The horses at my farm all had good minds and character. That’s important when you’re riding really fast on an icy trail or in a show. We can think through obstacles and not freak out.”

Stjarna: “I don’t freak out, KOMMI!”

Kommi: “Didn’t you once lose the mom because you ran from a crane?”

Stjarna: “It was a dinosaur, KOMMI!”

Me: “Gussy, don’t you freak out over trolls?”

Hermie: “I trail ride with Gussy all the time. He doesn’t freak out. He just watches them until he knows it’s safe.”

Gus: “We did a lot of shows and long trail rides at my farm. My main rider was the owner of the farm and she liked to go fasssst!”

Me: “Oh dear, please don’t go that fast with our mom. Her pants aren’t sticky enough for that.”

Gus: “Yeah, I always giggle when we are on a trail ride and she thinks I’m going fast. Baby, she hasn’t seen nothing! Gussy hasn’t whipped out fast tölt yet!”

Hermie: “Your farm is kinda in western Iceland, right?”

Gus: “Já , that’s right. And you and Kommi were born in southern Iceland, right?”

Hermie: “já”

Gus: “At the Grafarkoti farm, we were treated really great. At night, we were tucked in and the main woman would give us all a kiss on the muzzle.”

Soti: “So that’s why you pucker up every time you see the mom?”

Gus: “Yeah, I mean once I knew I could trust her.”

Me: “It sounds like a really nice place. You probably miss it, but we hope you’re happy here.”

Gus: “I wasn’t sure what to think at first because you guys do a lot of things that are weird, but you guys are my family now and I’m happy!”

Gus: “Glytja?”

Me: “What?”

Gus: “What is Valentine’s Day?”

Me: “It’s when you show people that you love them.”

Gus: “what is love?”

Me: “it’s when someone makes your heart happy.”

Gus: “How do you show someone love?”

Me: “You can buy them stuff, or make them stuff, or you can just tell them you love them. Whatever is thoughtful.”

Gus: “I don’t has any money, but I’ll share my treat ball with you. Is that thoughtful?”

Me: “We love you too, Gussy.”